How it works

When we deliver

Our carefully designed Veggie Vibes meal plans are delivered once a week each Thursday. For all orders out of the San Diego area, we ship overnight on Wednesday afternoon for early Thursday morning arrival!


Register and login

It flows much easier when you register and login with us.  We give a personalized service and we look forward to meeting you and giving you the best Veggie Vibe experience ever! 🙂


Choose your meal Plan

We have four different Meal Plans that do their best to cover all of the needs our diverse clients might have.
There is a 3–day, 5-day and 7-day option in each Meal Plan.

On our “Meal Plan” page you may select the meal plan you want to go with, the 3-day, 5-day or 7-day option and if you would like a single or subscription based order.


We can always customize

If you have any food sensitivities please let us know at the time you place your order. If you would like to modify your order, please contact us at least 6 days before the delivery date.

Remember, all of our food is already plant based, gluten free, soy free and we never add any chemical elements into our recipes.

We will be happy to assist you in modifying your order to create the best possible option for you. Please let us know of changes or modifications before Friday, 6 days before delivery day at less.


When to order

Friday is the last day to place an order for the coming Thursday’s delivery.

If you order after Friday, your order will be applied to the following Thursday’s delivery.

If you order our food after Friday, and you want the food to be delivered Thursday, please send us an email at:   To see if it is possible to accommodate you to the coming week delivery.
On our website you can see the current week’s menu as well as the menus for the following 2 weeks.
This way you will know what delicious dishes are coming up next! It help us a lot if you order your food weeks ahead of time.


Why to Subscribe

Clients that subscribe to our service not only get an incredible discount (up to 20% discount each time!) Also when you subscribe, you won’t need to fill up all your information at the time of payment. It is easier to be charged every week, you won’t miss last day to order our food, which if Friday , the week before each Thursday delivery.


How to Unsubscribe

Our Subscription is a 4 week commitment. Keep in mind you can suspend your subscription or skip weeks of our delivery, keeping the subscription price, as long you order a minimum of 4 times in a 2 month period.

After the 4 week commitment,  you can unsubscribe anytime. If for any reason you need to unsubscribe before the 4 week period, you’ll be charged for difference between the subscription price and the one time order time, for the weeks you have been delivered.

If you want us to cancel or pause your subscription, please let us know at less a week in advance. We’ll charge 50% of the subscription if cancelation is requested during the week of the delivery date. Please remember menus are mostly raw and required complex planning and preparation. Last day to cancel with no penalty fee if Friday before Thursday delivery.

Refundable Charge

For orders made in San Diego delivery area, there is a $15 refundable packaging fee. In order to get your refund, just return the box to us, with liners and gel packs, when we deliver your next weekly order. Let us know to pick up the box from your front door  on the next Thursday delivery if you are not planning to order the coming week.


Your feedback help us to improve

We are here to give your the best experience ever!! Veggie Vibes is the product of years  of improving our service with your loving comments and feedback. Each time you order our food and send us feedback , we improve our service and we love it! 🙂 From the ordering process, dish design or flavor combinations to our box delivered to your door, we are all ears 🙂


Personalized Service

Veggie Vibes is a company that thrives with flowing and positive relationships, not just with our clients but with our farmers, teams members, the produce we use, our blenders and dehydrators 🙂 Certainly, we would not be doing Veggie Vibes all these years, since 2007, if we would not have a good time in the process, we dance, we uncook, we are efficient, we are passionate, we are neat and professional.

We believe that the energy that flows from the moment the produce is created to the delivery to your door, is what makes our service special and transformative.  Throughout the years we have developed wonderful personal relationships with many of our clients that we absolutely love! We have presence their energetic changes and are very proud at Veggie Vibes to provide a unique and caring personalized service.
We know that many of our clients are on a journey of healing, self-transformation and improvement and we are here to support you the whole way!
So please feel free to start your own personal life enhancing and uplifting culinary experience with us and sign up for your favorite Veggie Vibes meal plan today if you like 🙂

We welcome you!