Aha Explorer

Do exotic destinations, aha moments and culinary creations light your soul on fire?

Join a world-traveled culinary visionary to co-create the ultimate travel experience with a purpose.

An Aha Moment…

“An Aha Moment is like a variety of exquisite ingredients creating the perfect life alchemy. A moment of recognition, self-realization, and awakening…remembering your spiritual essence that integrates into the fullness of who you are.”


Embrace Nature

Anini beach Kauai

Imagine this… a tropical beach town with purple horizons and the ocean breeze caressing your sun-kissed skin. A tiny city on top of the Andes where you can hug the clouds and the air is so pure you feel rejuvenated at every breath. The vibrancy and beauty of the scenery ignites in you a sense of awe where your perception awakens. Perkunas and team will guide you in this magical land, assisting you to organically flow in a state of presence and allowance. In this experience, you will achieve peaks of alignment, we will guide you in how to get there and you have the choice to make it a permanent part of your everyday life.

Dive into local culture

peruvian farmer potato edited

Envision connecting with people that have gentle souls, jungle smiles and ancient wisdom. Learn their traditions while you feel welcomed into their culture, try their cuisine, artistic creations, dances, ride on a boat or an elephant. Nibble on the colorfulness of their culture and feel creatively inspired.

Create the finest cuisine

Durian Play 2

Now it’s time to craft delightfulness. Join Perkunas in his arena while immersing yourself in local cuisine, visiting local markets and farms, selecting produce, and instinctively using your sensory palate. Perkunas has been innovatively cooking and intuitively exploring the world since 2005. He offers his broader perspective to inspire you to create a daily epic culinary feast. Our team will document the creation process, gathering this information for a recipe book and inspirational video format to share with the world.

The Picture above: Durian dessert with amaranth, coffee, raw cacao by Perkunas


perkunas hawaii pic for aha explorer

This experience is about re-affirming that we all belong to a universal consciousness. Having this knowing only could lead to a deep sense of freedom and joy. We’ll share that knowing with you, co-creating wonderful experiences and delectable recipes for life. Let’s play while diving into waterfalls, pamper your eyes with astonishing sunsets, share hugs, laughs, dances, energy flows, meditation, manifestation flows or ecstatic dance. Let us guide you.

We invite you to ride the waves of goodness with us!

In this experience, there is only a flavorful journey to be tasted that will mirror in your everyday life.

How it works

First: Contact us


Contact us to go over juicy details about this experience. We’ll talk about travel destinations, tentative dates and prices,

Please note this experience is exclusively designed for abroad/paradisiac destinations, although Perkunas and team usually reside in San Diego, CA.
Please check out Calendar for further happenings with our local tribe.

Second: Confirmation

After you contact us, we will determine if this experience is right for you. If our flow resonates with you, then you got it. You will add lots of flavor to this delectable adventure and culinary masterpiece.  What is left is to set a date, get your ticket, pack your bags and let the adventure begin.

“ Take a ride with us, breathe life force, travel like never before, immerse into local culture, embrace nature and craft the finest cuisine.”




This experience is limited to 4 explorers, although we are open to customize private experience for you. You travel with no other companions besides the new people you’ll meet in this group. What is ahead is a new version of yourself, from which you’ll see a different world.

If you’d like family or couple experiences, please contact us or look at our upcoming events at The Vibe House in San Diego.


Perkunas has many years of experience uniting people from different life paths into perfect synchronicity. With little intervention from him, usually travelers’ intentions and states of perception organically come together.  In other words, people coming together for this experience attract each other, Perkunas is the catalyst for this event.