Veggie Vibes now offer now catering and chef services.

We create highly artistic cuisine, our produce is sourced from small local organic farmers.

Contact us for details to customize your experience to your preference.

We can create for you a unique and nourishing culinary experience.

We can cater to individuals or to hundreds of people for your party.

We can provide to business a unique gastronomic experience.

Type or cuisine we do

Living cuisine gourmet

Plant Based fusion cooked and raw

International cuisine.  Californian (we reinvented it), Thai, Peruvian, Mediterranean, Indi, Middle Eastern, Islander.



We can make all our cuisine using the ingredients you want and the way you want it.

Gluten Free

Soy Free


For Healing

Weight Loss

Muscle Builder

Sugar free

Oil Free

Food combining protocols

For mental Clarity

For enhancing your super powers