Raw Food Imagination 

Guidance for intuitive creative cooking

at The Vibe House (Vista, CA)

We currently host a living food demonstration every other Saturday at the Vibe House. Look our calendar below.

9:30 Meet at Vista Farmers market . 325 S Melrose Dr, Vista, CA 92081

At the farmers market you will be guided towards the local farmers and will pick up the flesher and more appealing produce. We’ll encourage to use your intuition from here, picking what is most appealing to your senses and we’ll elaborate to the creative possibilities for each product you will pick. You are very welcome to bring your own produce and anything you would like to learn how to transform into luscious living preparations or fusion raw/cooked cuisine.

10:30 Meet at The Vibe House. Address provide after registration.

At the Vibe House we have a full equipped kitchen and an experienced raw food and gourmet Chef to guide you towards the most decadent living or cooked preparation you could never imagine. Play with the available seasonal produce and create lunch, dinner of breakfast items, elixirs, international cuisine, desserts of all kinds. Learn the amazing healing properties of foods and how they will benefit in your energetic aspects. Learn several techniques and recipes for healing, weight balancing, rejuvenating and/or perceive the flavors of life in a different way. Discover and new universe of fusion cuisine, between raw foods and cooked foods. Enhance your perception to flavors, aromas, essences and use your senses to guide you intuitively, into not only fabulous tasty creations, but the best aligning food compositions for your physical apparatus. Learn at ease and while having a good time,  you can create gastronomic wonders in 5 minutes, we are here to show you how.

1 to 2 pm FEAST

Here we savor the zest of our creation, we compile ideas, information and share appreciation for the abundance of life itself.

Looking forward to meet your and have an epic gastronomic adventure! 🙂 


Saturday 25th


Saturday 2st, September 16th, Saturday 23rd, Saturday 30th


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