Living Food Master Class 

Join Chef Perkunas on a ‘Living Food’ Master Class
He will share his vast perspective and experience with gourmet living cuisine preparation (Living Cuisine Since 2005 and cooking alchemy since the 80s)
You can choose from a variety of cooking classes and techniques for a joyful and healthy living.
Learn Fusion cuisine, which is an international inspired plant based cuisine combined with living/raw cuisine.
Our current classes change weekly and get adapted to our visitor’s wants and needs. You can learn from the simplest to the most complex living food preparations. Like juices, elixirs, desserts or snacks to plant based fusion stroganoff, living lasagnas, fusion paellas, gourmet pastas, living pizza, rainbow risottos, coconut ceviche, stuffed mushroom…it is simply endless.
Chef Perkunas food creations have been helping many friends over years to facilitate all sorts of transformations: from miraculously healing, body balancing, athletic high performances, intuitive beings enhancing their creating aspects while flavorizing their life and palate with the unlimited variety of dishes he has composed since he created Veggie Vibes in 2007.
At the kitchen, you will be provided with all tools you need, we will guide you in the cooking endeavors, and you will have available a huge variety of fresh organic produce from our local farmer and from our own gardens.
Learn the amazing healing properties of foods and how they will benefit in your energetic aspects. Learn not just recipes but all sort of simple and efficient techniques for healing, weight balancing, rejuvenating and/or perceive the flavors of life in a different ways.
Learn about how to grow your own food and how to enjoy a sustainable life style. We want you to feel free and joyful from the moment you walk into our kitchen, the energy that flow @TheVibeHOusesd , where we hold our classes and retreats is intense as calming and transformative.
To contact the Chef directly:

You can contact Perkunas to customize your class (Weight loss, body building, healing, mental clarity, rejuvenating)

We also takes businesses and groups.

Location:  The Vibe House (Vista, CA)