Here at Veggie Vibes, we have a good time creating meal plan options for those who want to experience a plant based and mostly raw diet!
Our food not only provides super flavors and clean nourishment for the body but it does it in a way that is good for the environment as well!

At Veggie Vibes we consider one of the most important aspect of our business to know where our food comes from.
This is why we get most of our produce from farmers that we have known for years. We have been able to compare the amazing produce they provide with local organic stores and we know how far superior the quality of our farmers can be.
We love our farmer friends, they are the link between Mother Nature and her cohabitants. They are the ones who we can thank for the original flavor and quality behind our creations.
We believe these organic farmers have a key role in the future of a healthy and sustainable human society!

One of the most fun moments of the week is when we go visit our local Farmers Markets! We have the best time and really encourage YOU to visit your local markets as well!


When we are not creating in our kitchen, we love to connect with likeminded people from all over; we have had numerous fun events like Yoga & Dinner parties, Raw Food Demonstrations, Vegan Food Preparation classes and many other joyful gatherings!

We also like to inspire people to have their own gardens going on as much as possible. Even growing your own herbs and simple easy-to–grow vegetables makes such a difference for you and the environment around you!
In our little area of garden beds we like to show people how easy it is to grow produce organically using many permaculture techniques.