Make it while you shake it!

This is a juicy recipe for life. Enjoy the flow of it 🙂

This gentle juice is refreshing and pleasing to your palate. We have enjoyed it here at Veggie Vibes for decades! This recipe is about putting ingredients together in balance and harmony. although ingredients go beyond the garden and your local market.

Let’s get to it

First, to make a delicious and aligning juice, is to check what vibration you are pulsing JYes, your vibe can affect the vibrancy of your creation. If your vibe is sweet, your creation will be as well, if your vibe is sour…well you get it.

No matter the time during the day or night you are creating this juice, it’s important to stand up straight and take a deep breath. If a smile emerges on your face, you’re good to go! JIf not, give us a call or send us a message. We’ll lift you up like Bob Marley’s song!

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We wish you to go habitually to your local farmer’s market. That is where you will find the produce more tuned with nature’s vibrancy. If there are no farmer’s markets where you live, it is always a good thing to grow your own garden. If you have no space to grow a garden, I bet there is a community garden close or a space that can be used for it. Gather together with people that have similar vibes to create a luscious garden 🙂

Get a couple of large organic cucumbers, if you chat with your farmer, he/she will tell you how tasty and refreshing the cucumber grew this season and then just go for it!

Add it to your reusable shopping bag if you can, it is always refreshing to have a sustainable approach to the way we live 🙂

Celery! Try and find bunches that have an intense and vibrant green color, the stems should be hard but crispy.


Apples! Look for 5 locally grown and juicy apples. Fuji apples are perfect for juices. Although any other variety will work fine, use your senses and your preferences. Your body always tells you what is the best for you.

Lemons! Look for the most vibrant lemon you can find. Go ahead and add a couple to your magic bag.

Touch of magic. Look for some ginger, parsley and kale! You only need a piece of ginger the size of your thumb, half a bunch of parsley and half a bunch of dino kale.

Grab a juicer and get to it! Extract all the juices and enjoy… but if you don’t have a juicer, a blender will work too. Blend all ingredients and strain with a milk bag. Paint strainer bags will work perfectly, and they’re only $3 dollars at Home Depot.

This is a perfect juice to align your senses, smile at ease or enjoy peacefulness, and it will reflect in the way you look inside and out. 🙂


Have an amazing day and colorful life! 🙂