Listen To Your Body

Intuitive Food Creation Workshop

A guided food experience by professional chef Perkunas Core, to create the perfect dish your soul desires. Join us in our fully equipped kitchen at the Vibe House; You will have a variety of fresh seasonal produce from local organic farmers, and fresh herbs and veggies from our garden to choose from.

In this creative workshop you will be connecting to the essences and flavors nature provides, smelling the aromas that enhance imagination, gaining the tools and awareness to intuitive eating.


The Intention

We at the Vibe House believe that by practicing intuitive eating daily you will enhance your presence, vitality, vibrancy, & zest for life. In this workshop you will learn to listen to your body and create the nourishing dish it craves. Our offering is that you cultivate a new relationship with food through this experience and take it into your life.


The Experience

To tap into the creative process of intuitive cooking, you will be guided through a meditation, using your senses to connect to natures properties. Collectively, we will reach a state of balance, harmony, and ease that allows for a thriving creative experience. You will be guided through an intuitive selection technique that allows you to gather the ingredients that your body is craving. You will then be led through a creative process that will manifest into your very own unique, tasty, & vibrant dish to share! Together, we will enjoy everyone’s creations.


Your Guide

This experience will be led by professional chef Perkunas Core, the creator of Veggie Vibes; a raw/intuitive food service is San Diego County since 2007. He also runs The Vibe House in Vista, CA, a home-stead where sustainable practices, food creation, & nature connection are integrated in their daily practice and community oriented events.


What You Will Get

Necessities: You will be provided with an apron, cutting board, cooking section, knife and all shared cooking utensils displayed on the table for your creative process. You will also have the option of paper and pencil to brainstorm, take notes, and/or document the process.

Enhancements: You will be provided with fresh tea made with herbs from the garden. You will have a vast variety of ingredients to select from to cook your intuitive dish, including herbs and seasonal veggies from the garden, fresh produce from local farmers, endless condiments and spices.


Our workshop can be performed at the comfort of your home our at our location in Vista, CA

Contact us for further details 619 870 7142

Limit to 12 people