Partnership Opportunities

Would you like to be part of a vibrant and positive business like ours? We have a few ideas for partnership opportunities that we’d like to share with you! If any of these ideas inspire you, we encourage you to reach out to us with your offer. We believe that with a little help, Veggie Vibes has massive potential!

San Diego Store Front

We consistently get calls from plant-based fans looking for an awesome restaurant here in San Diego. If you would like to co-create that space with us, we are open to making that happen. We envision a full service restaurant that is fully plant-based and organic, offering both cooked and raw options. We are filled with pure passion, inspiration and experience to compose unique, flavorful and gourmet plant-based cuisine. We already have a staff ready and willing to create a beautiful atmosphere and wonderful service.

Los Angeles and/or East Coast Veggie Vibes Twin Facility

Because shipping costs can get expensive, our Veggie Vibe goodness is only accessible to some. However, if we were able to branch out and create twin facilities in other parts of the country, we believe there would be massive opportunities for customers and business owners alike.