“Raw alchemy is not just about knowing the ingredients you use,

their healing properties and flavors to have perfect combinations;

Even more important, knowing how to tune your frequency to co-create

and connect with the elements you have on hand and use cooking

as a way to tune in to a broader version of yourself”

  • Learn how to prepare complex elixirs

  • Discover how to ignite your intuition before preparing any meal

  • Learn how to use your senses and perception to create an elixir with the perfect ingredients & proportions.

  • Lear how to use this connections on your everyday life

More Details:

  • Learn how to change the vibrational frequencies of foods by intention.

  • Learn how to create balance of the foods you are about to eat, before even you eat them.

  • Learn how to prepare the biochemistry of your body on your favor by the power of your intention before digesting any foods.

  • This is a sensory experience. Be ready to smell, taste, feel and pamper your eyes with beautiful nature and exquisite cuisine.

  • Learn to balance flavors

  • You will be provided with an apron, cutting board, cooking section, knife.

  • You will also have the option of paper and pencil to brainstorm, take notes, and/or document the process.

  • Fully equipped kitchen to create the luxurious cuisine

  • There is no culinary background needed to participate with these experiences; be an enthusiast or be a chef with decades of experience, what is required is a sense of wonder, being a foodie and to understand that we are here to thrive in this experience we call LIFE.

Who would love to take this class:

*Chefs. Learn new techniques, experience a deeper relationship with the foods you use and transpire this knowing into your cuisine.

*Healers. Find a new platform, this class will give you clarity about modalities of healing and energy work

*Seekers. Anyone in search for knowledge, health, inspiration or simply having a good time.

Duration: 2 hour

Guided By: Perkunas and team members

Cost: $250 PER PERSON

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