Veggie Vibes


Immerse into flavors and awake your creative intuitive guidance

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Where: The Vibe House. Vista CA

What includes:

We offer weekend retreats periodically at the Vibe House where we help you to develop your ability to intuitively create the most delicious plant-based cuisine and show you practical ways to keep your energy high and healing and aligning practices for your every day.

Chef Perkunas teaches a variety of kitchen skills designed to increase your confidence in creating dishes based on what is in season (or what happens to be in your fridge) Also a variety of techniques to add to you knowledge of keeping you high in life.

You will learn to:

*Aligning and balancing your physical being

*Learn to manage your body weight

*Lear Healing techniques and elixirs.

*Tools to be consistence in achieving permanent changes

These include the basics of raw sauces, elixirs, juices, raw desserts, fermentation and flavor combinations.  You’ll learn how, with some preparation, several ingredients can transform in to a huge variety of dishes.

We provide you with recipes to inspire you, but more importantly, we teach you to know the qualities of raw food and how to substitute ingredients, easily come up with your own recipes (no writing required :)) reinvent tastes you love and always keep things fresh.

The weekend includes visiting our local farmers market, classes in the morning and afternoon with Chef Perkunas, all meals provided.

It is not possible to describe what is meaningful for each individual, we do not follow one particular method since everyone that interact with us is different.

Intuitive guidance has been part of our journey for over a decade and remains the most efficient way to find alignment.  What also remains consistent during the years, is the agreement of holding a vibrational space for positive and empowering physical and mental transformation.

Everyday included: (optional as well)

>Breathing practices, meditation, connection methods, movement flow

>Self-healing techniques

>Earth elements fine tuning for all healing, transforming or aligning proposes

>Elixirs, juices & smoothies, gourmet and easy to prepare living foods classes

>Gourmet living feast

At the Vibe House:

>Single bed, clean sheets, towels

>Single or shared room

>Shared bathroom


>Pick up from airport if needed, ground transportation in Sad Diego area

>Organic local produce for everyday preparation and creative endeavor

>Out of location activities transportation

>Veggie Vibes team support

Your Host: The Veggie Vibes team



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