In this class, you’ll learn how to prepare restorative elixirs, cleansing juices and raw soups.

We will focus on healing arts. These skills you can apply in your everyday life to recover the balance and harmony on any physical, mental or energetic aspect.

We focus on breathing and energy techniques to ignite the healing force of your inner core.

This class will emphasize on the changes of life style through habits of thought, rewiring your thinking and making dramatic changes in your health.

All of our practices are soothing and there is nothing that you will feel force while doing. These exercises are pleasant and fun experiences that can be taken at any age and physical condition.


Who will be attracted to this class?

You have been searching for a way to heal and your intuition has guided you here. Congrats!

Duration: 1.5 hour

Number of Attendants: 1 to 3

Guided By: Perkunas and team members

Cost: $250

How to book:

Please contact us at:

We’ll set a date and location.

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