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We make healthy food for busy people

About Us

Veggie Vibe is an organic plant-based food delivery service based in San Diego, California. We deliver locally once a week, and we also ship overnight all over the U.S. and to Puerto Rico. We do not have a store front or pick-up location.

Our dishes and menu items are composed using the best local, organic and ripe ingredients. Veggie Vibes’ produce not only has the most beneficial nutritional and healing properties, but also complements a sustainable lifestyle approach.


About Our Food

Veggie Vibes’ menu is completely vegan and free of gluten, artificial ingredients, and highly processed flours or sugars. We use only organic cold-pressed olive oil, raw coconut oil, dates, raw coconut sugar and raw agave nectar.

Most of our produce comes from local organic farmers. Our menu is a combination of gourmet dishes, soups, salads, desserts, smoothies, juices, power shakes, snacks and dehydrated items.

Our produce is about 95% organic–some small farmers, who we know personally to have excellent, clean produce, don’t have organic certifications.

We are experts at selecting the ingredients we use. We distinguish by color, texture, aroma and vibrancy the quality of the produce we use in our culinary composures.


about Veggie Vibes

Our Vibe

We know that many of our clients are on a journey of healing, self-transformation and improvement and we are here to support you the whole way!
So please, feel free to start your own personal life enhancing and uplifting culinary experience with us and sign up for your favorite Veggie Vibes meal plan today 🙂

Contact us if you like us to share our life experience helping people empowering all the human and none-human aspects. 🙂


Our Clients

We are honored to serve a community that cares about the well-being of humanity and the planet, as well as self-nourishment and self-love.

Our clients can feel the loving commitment we put into our craft. Preparing living foods is laborious, but enjoyable. The appreciation from our beautiful clients inspires us to continue creating new dishes and tantalizing palates.

Thank you in advance for your testimonials and for including us in your positive, life-changing experiences.

About Veggie Vibes

About Perkunas


I am the head fun-foodie at Veggie Vibes,which was born naturally from doing what I love : )

At VV we make “high-frequency foods.” Like waves of the ocean, food created harmoniously has a defined frequency–a dance between the perfection of nature and our humble effort to emulate it.

I discovered gourmet raw foods in 2005. Since then, I have worked in several raw food restaurants (including Good Mood Foods, Huntington Beach and Cilantro Live, San Diego), and also created living dishes for Rancho’s Vegetarian Cuisine raw-food deli in North Park. Later on, I was a raw chef at Google headquarters in Mountain View, San Jose, CA. The journey has been filled with appreciation, self exploration, re-discovery and endless inspiration : )

I look forward with excitement and curiosity to discovering what the next adventures will be. In the meantime, cheers and bon appetite!