It’s all about the Vibes

Veggie Mandala 1

At Veggie Vibes we use culinary exploration to expand our human potential. We generate lots of fun classes, workshops and adventures. Perkūnas Core has stirred the whirlpool of goodness for some time already, simmered the flavors of life and united with individuals that have similar intentions and vibrancies. The result is what you perceive. There is a lot here for you to enjoy, and we are looking forward to seeing you stir the soup of manifestation with us soon.

Once upon the time

Veggie Vibes was created by Perkünas Core in 2007, it started as a food delivery service. Since then it’s become a platform for re-discovery, expansion and new ways to enjoy the magic of life.

What we are up to

Now we have evolved into a collective creative platform, who share our magic of life with the global community. Since then, we have transpired into workshops, life coaching, classes, events, experiences and travel adventures.

Who we co-create with

The people that are ready to catch our wave, are ready to take it forward by expanding in their passion and abundance. We co-create with a variety of masters of life, from business entrepreneurs, inventors, creators, investors, yogis, healers, artists, farmers, adventures, explores, chefs, leaders and all you creative rascals that make life on this planet more interesting.

Our Essence

Since our beginning, we have embraced nature’s elements, harmony, balance and beauty. It is pure joy for us, to have a sustainable approach to life. It reflects in our daily practices, as we love being urban gardeners. Overall, we practice being in alignment, listening to our body, mastering all sorts of energetic practices and more importantly, we don’t take anything too serious. It’s an energetic nourishment thing. We dance in our kitchen, on the beach trail, and we dance if a difficult situation were to arise. In other words, we dance every moment we can, when there is ease in the mind, everything becomes more efficient, save your energy to create wonders.

Wrapping up the burrito

We are honored to serve a community that cares about the well-being of humanity and the planet, as well as self-nourishment and self-appreciation.

 Contact us if you’d like to join our life experience, or maybe just to say hi, as we appreciate you not only seeing us as a business, but as people on the same human journey of expansion and self exploration as you!